Team Friendship

Mystery in Little Wingville

As the party waited in Little Wingville for the shipment of barley to be prepared, Don and Laertes searched the town for an ancient residuum deposit on the orders of The Consortium. Eventually, they were able to discover that the oldest crypt in the graveyard led to an underground storehouse, and with the help of their ghostly companion Drex, they were able to defeat the undead guardians of the crypt and recover the residuum.

With the barley shipment ready the party began to head back to Bridgetown. Unfortunately they were ambushed in the middle of the night, and though they were able to kill more than half their attackers, they were eventually captured and taken to the base of the Bloody Hand bandits to stand trial for the crimes of ignoring the bandit’s highway tax and the killing of several of the bandits.

Luckily, the party was able to plant the idea that they were too well connected, and that execution by the bandits would simply cause the bandits more trouble than it was worth. With this, the bandits released the party under the condition that they would agree to pay the tax whenever travelling these roads next.

Freed from captivity the party set out for Bridgetown once more, hoping to avoid any more mishaps along the way.



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