An’most is the travelling nomadic village of the hill dwarves. The An’most dwarves left their underground kingdom hundreds of years ago when their mountain homes were mysteriouslly destroyed. As surface dwellers, they adopted a nomadic lifestyle in the hilly region around Bridgetown and abandoned their former lives.


When the mountains surrounding Bridgetown were mysteriously destroyed hundreds of years ago, the surviving dwarves made their way to the surface and banded together to form An’most. With so few dwarves left they abandoned their militaristic life, and without access to the mines under the mountains they were unable to make a living as smiths. Instead, they chose a life as hunters, surviving off the land near Bridgetown. Whenever the wildlife near the village began to thin out, the dwarves would pack up their entire village and move elsewhere. This nomadic lifestyle has continued for centuries with the dwaves bolstering their numbers and forming a more tribal society.

Modern An’most

Modern An’most continues its nomadic tradition, never settling down for more than a month at a time. The dwarves are governered by an elder shaman who chooses where they will travel next, and organizes all contact with other cultures. The An’most warriors are regarded as fearsome barbarians who are fully capable of defending themselves despite not having the luxury of a walled city.

An’most Dwarves of Note
  • Thorig – Born in An’most, Thorig chose to leave the mobile city and settle in Bridgetown at a young age.

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