The Consortium

The Consortium is one of the better known vocational guilds in Bridgetown, acting as a haven for intellectual spellcasters who wish to join. The Consortium’s main membership lies with Wizards, but Warlocks, Clerics, and other individuals interested in intellectual advancement often become members. The Consortium’s main rival is the Elemental World, whose main purpose is to develop natural magical talents into even more powerful magical beings.


Membership into the guild is relatively easy. Any individual with a sufficient desire to expand their knowledge is free to apply. Most members are wizards who use the Consortium’s resources to learn and develop new spells and rituals. Advancement through the guild is based on services to the guild, which usually amounts to doing odd jobs for the guild (such as investigate magical oddities, restocking ritual components, and the like).

As members advance they are given more access to the libraries which contain an immense number of rituals and spell advice as well as information of non-magical nature, such as history books, maps, genealogy and family trees. They are also given the access to the guild quartermaster, who sells and enchants magical items, and the guild supply stores, which are vital for performing powerful rituals.

Type of work done

Any work or jobs the Consortium takes on are for its own betterment. The Consortium rarely allows itself to be “hired” by third parties, but occasionally will take jobs when they find the rewards to be beneficial enough (this rarely takes the form of gold, but often is for favor or information). Jobs a member may take on usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Investigative: The member will investigate some magical oddity the guild has heard about and report back to the guild about the nature of the magic and any actions the guild may need to take. For example, the guild may have heard reports about a magical set of armor that grants invulnerability to the wearer. A guild member would then undertake a search for this armor, and after locating it determine what its magical properties may be. They may determine the armor is not unique and no different from most other magically enhanced armors and no further action is required by the guild. He may also determine that the armor is unlike any other magical armors and should be acquired by the guild so they may further study and attempt to replicate its properties.
  • Collective: The member will set out to collect magical artifacts, ritual components, or lost rituals or tomes to be added to the guild stores.
  • Punitive: The guild feels responsible for the misbehavior of all magical individuals, whether they are guild members or not, and will set members out to punish those they feel are abusing their gifts.

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The Consortium

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